Community Servicing Platform
Joining our Community Servicing Platform is simple and easy. When you sign up, you will be empanelled on our healthcare consumer-facing portal, medeCure. Besides the obvious exposure and visibility that you get from your inclusion into our fast-growing doctor directory, we provide you with a host of tools to engage with this community and interact with them. Whether it is answering their health-related questions or providing valuable health tips with blogs and articles, we take care of the technicalities. All you need is commit to contribute to this community. Your benefits- increased visibility, greater recognition, more patient leads, a more efficient practice- simply follow!
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About medePractice
medePractice is a practice management solution from medeFusion, a growing provider of holistic web-based software and automation solutions for the healthcare industry. medePractice provides doctors with a powerful platform to connect and collaborate with patients and prospective consumers. From joining and participating in our community servicing platform through the healthcare portal, medeCure, to a host of administrative and operational support services, medePractice helps take your practice to a whole new level.