Calling all doctors!
We envision building a robust healthcare community that gives a platform to doctors and patients to reach out to each other, without unnecessary frills! Our consumer-facing healthcare portal, is an important component of this endeavour. The medeCure network connects doctors and consumers of various healthcare services. We aim to develop a dynamic system to bridge the gap between medical needs and solutions.

How to join medePractice
At medePractice, we welcome doctors from across India to join the "first-of-its-kind" Community Servicing Program. To come aboard, there is a nominal fee, which is a small contribution towards recovering the costs of maintaining the medeCure platform.

Benefits of being part of medeCure
medeCure enables patients/ healthcare consumers to

  • Find doctors and other healthcare facilities at a click
  • Ask an expert across specialties, geographies
  • Get second opinion from super specialists across the globe
  • Consult via telephone, video conferencing, telemedicine; get appointments and recommendations
  • Share knowledge through content and community interactions
Join the panel of doctors who have already signed up to help this community and consequently benefit from this interaction. Sign up today!